Army of Shadows was created by Scuzzelbutt & Fastman back in 2002. Yes, 2002, we are one of the oldest clans on Xbox Live. We wanted to put together more than just a clan, we wanted a group, team and clan put togther to form a strong unit that isn't just about killing, clan matches and having a sick record.. which we do. It was more about having fun and joking around with other gamers that have the same interests. To this date members have changed their gamertags from their orignal name to add the AOS gamertag. To unite them as a unit of one...

We are strictly a objective based clan, meaning we play Capture the Flag, Retrivial, and anything based on team work and communication. We function as a unit to ensure victory.

If you wish to challenge, join or just play with or against us check AOS out on GameBattles or the Contact page.

Unreal Championship

237 Wins // 7 Losses

Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow

17 Wins // 0 Losses

Counter strike

15 Wins // 1 Loss

Call of Duty: Black Ops

2 Wins // 3 Losses

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

2 Wins // 2 Losses